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Ashvin Parmar

After qualifying as an anatomist with an Honours degree, Dr Ashvin K. Parmar gained his BDS from The University of Liverpool, School of Clinical Dental Sciences in 2002.

Ashvin Parmar PhotoDeveloping his career through several years of practice – based mainly in Warwickshire, and numerous postgraduate courses, Ashvin gained a deep understanding and appreciation of carefully considered dental care.

Having completed a 2-year postgraduate qualification in Advanced Restorative Dentistry based in Manchester, he has since worked solely in private practice and believes strongly in the value of quality driven treatment within a patient-centred framework.

His current dental interests include supportive periodontology, blending his understanding with the well-established team here at EasySmile, restorative rehabilitation and reconstruction, occlusion and TMJ harmony, and simple anterior alignment orthodontics alongside safe, effective tooth whitening – creating improved aesthetics with minimal intervention.

In his spare time Ashvin likes to travel, paint and has been studying yoga and meditation since his youth. His keen sense of humour and kindness create a supportive environment for all of our patients. We are very happy to have him on board here at EasySmile Dental Practice.

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