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Ben Bonthuys

Ben is an experienced clinician with more than 32 years practising in private dentistry.

He qualified as a dental surgeon in South Africa in 1978, at Pretoria University, and has excelled in private practice in the years following.

Ben is the principal of EasySmile Dental Practices and our lead clinician. His field of focus is the restoration of heavily broken-down adult dentition to an aesthetically pleasing outcome.

Traditionally, restorative dentistry has stood on the three distinct pillars of periodontics, endodontics and prosthodontics. With the addition of implants and the modern patient’s demand for an immediate and aesthetically pleasing solution, a seamless integration of all these disciplines into a single, thorough treatment session is essential to effective and enduring dental solutions. Ben pursues this for his patients with the utmost dedication.

He has more than 20 years’ experience specifically in restoring implants and, in addition, holds the Certificate in Comprehensive Implantology from Lille University.

He has been accepting referrals for Implants, Complex Restorative and Complex Cosmetic cases and he would be happy to assist by doing the surgical placement for dentists who prefer to restore their own implants. He also offers a CT Scan-assisted implant-planning service for dentists who prefer to place their own implants but do not have a CT Scanner: either by doing the sections for them as requested and sending it out in paper format, or by preparing a self-contained Viewer CD which enables the referring dentist to view it on any computer.

He would be pleased to offer a free consultation to qualifying patients who want to discuss their options without committing to any treatment just yet – see our Fee Guide page for more information.

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