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Fee Guide

About the Fees
These fees serve as a preliminary guide only. Depending on the complexity of treatment and the many factors involved in providing care, we are only able to provide a patient with a fully itemised treatment plan once a full clinical exam has been performed.

Treatment Plan
All treatment options are discussed in advance during the clinical exam and the agreed treatment plan, including all costs involved are provided in writing as part of your Treatment Plan Estimate. If your treatment plan requires advice or treatment from a specialist, your dentist will be happy to make a referral on your behalf.

Adult Free Consultations
Free consultations offer patients (adults only) the opportunity to come see the Practice, to step inside the surgery and to meet their clinician for a no-obligation chat about the treatment in question. This enables those patients who are unsure about their treatment options or the potential costs to find out more without having to commit to any treatment or expense. Free consultations exclude any clinical treatment and are subject to availability.

Correct as of 01/09/2018*
Children (Under 16s)
Exam (between 0-16 years)from £28
Filling: Deciduous Tooth (Glass Ionomer)from £48
Filling: Permanent Tooth (Glass Ionomer)from £88
Adults (Over 16s)
New Patient Examfrom £58 to £78
Existing Patient Exam (basic diagnostic)£48 to £78
Existing Patient Exam (any exam involving periodontics, endodontics, orthodontics, prosthodontics or implants)from £78
Clinical Consultation (non specific) 20min£87
Clinical Consultation (non specific) 40min£173
Clinical Consultation (non specific) 60min£260
Protective Sealant (per tooth)from £38
Composite Tooth Coloured Fillingfrom £92
Scale & Polish (not cosmetic stain removal)from £58
Porcelain Fused To Metal Crownfrom £648
Molar Crown (non precious metal)from £428
Composite Crown Build-Up (pre molar)from £328
Composite Crown Build-Up (molar)from £328
Pins£18 per pin
All Ceramic EMAX Crownfrom £748
Zirconium Based Crownfrom £740
All Ceramic EMAX Crownfrom £748
Zirconium Based Crownfrom £740
Bridges (per unit)from £628
Recement Crown/Bridge (per unit)from £88
Adult Implant Consultation *excludes clinical exam or treatment*FREE
Adult Cosmetic Dentistry Consultation *excludes clinical exam or treatment*FREE
Adult New Patient Consultation *excludes clinical exam or treatment*FREE
Small Radiograph£14
Digital Panoramic Radiograph (OPG)from £68
Digital CT Scanfrom £99
Extraction: Routinefrom £88
Extraction: Surgical (non wisdom)from £188
Root Canal Treatment (per visit)from £228
Partial Acrylic Denture (starting at 1 tooth)from £595
Denture: Full Upper or Lowerfrom £1200
Implant Referralfrom £795
Tooth Whitening: Home Whitening£295
Tooth Whitening: In-Clinic (includes free Home Kit)£595
Enlighten Whitening£600
Hygienist (new patient)from £84
Hygienist (basic)from £54
Hygienist Direct Accessfrom £128
*Subject to change without notice. Prices quoted are a guide only, final treatment cost may vary. Full estimate available upon request, following clinical exam, before commencing treatment. Terms & Conditions apply.

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We cannot accept any requests for adjustments or cancellations to existing appointments via this form. *Accept

We cannot accept any requests for adjustments or cancellations to existing appointments via this form. *Accept

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