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Nervous Patients & Sedation

We want your visit to the dentist to be stress-free, no matter what treatment you are having.

We know some patients feel nervous, which is why we have many measures in place to make all our patients feel at ease.

For those who are particularly concerned by needles, our painless WAND technology uses a special microneedle and small computer to deliver anaesthetic painlessly.

Using a small hand piece that looks more like a pen, the clinician can effectively numb the necessary area in such a way that most patients don’t even feel the WAND as the microcomputer slowly delivers the anaesthetic.

EasySmile also provides sedation by a specialist for extremely nervous patients who would otherwise be unable to go ahead with their essential dental treatment. Sedation can be provided by inhalation to relax you during your treatment.


Your dentist can help you overcome many of your fears by talking to you about your treatment in detail and answering any questions. We find this often helps nervous patients feel much more in control. Modern technology, medicines and techniques make dental treatments a lot less frightening than they used to be and patients often feel reassured once they have all the information. Dentists at EasySmile use plenty of communication and patience and work at your speed in order to make your visit a less stressful experience.

Fear reversal therapy and a variety of relaxation techniques and props can also be used to help nervous patients feel calmer during treatment.

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