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Nervous Patients

Not everyone enjoys going to the dentist. We would like to change that.

If you suffer from dental fears and phobias then you can at least find some comfort in the fact that you are not alone, in fact many people have some form of dental phobia. Whether because of previous treatment, fear of pain, fear of injections or childhood memories, dental phobias affect patients differently while ultimately they can lead to missed appointments and declining dental health.

Rest assured that at EasySmile Dental Practice we strive to help all nervous patients have a positive dental experience. Our clinical and reception staff are experienced in dealing with dental phobia and are sympathetic to your concerns.

Why are people so anxious about visiting the dentist?

There are many reasons why people are nervous about visiting the dentist. These are the most common reasons we come across at the EasySmile Dental Practice:

  • Previous negative experience.
  • Not feeling in control.
  • Unsympathetic dentists.
  • Embarrassment about the deteriorated condition of teeth and gums.
  • Fear of dental instruments being placed in the mouth or gagging tendency.
  • Fear of the unknown.
  • The noise that some dental instruments or equipment make


The first step you can take in overcoming dental phobia is to recognise it and understand that something can be done about it. There are several ways we can help you overcome your anxieties and a few things you can do yourself.

Communicate with our team about your fears and concerns

At EasySmile Dental Practice we welcome you to speak openly and honestly about your fears and concerns.  This is an important step towards getting more comfortable and relieving some of the stress associated with receiving dental care.

Often a simple step by step explanation of how the dental procedure will be carried out, or an opportunity to ask the clinician questions will help you become more comfortable with the thought of having treatment.

Sometimes it happens that you may feel embarrassed about the state of your teeth or gums because you may think they’re really “bad”. Just know that our professionally trained clinicians are sympathetic to your anxiety and strive to provide you with compassionate, gentle, patient focused care. Regardless of “bad” you may think your teeth or gums look, our clinicians are able to immediately start helping you towards healthier teeth and gums.

Using pain-less injection technique where possible

Your dentist will often apply a numbing gel (topical anaesthetic) to your gums before giving you an injection. We can also make use of the WAND Injection system which uses a computer controlled injection that’s so painless some patients can’t even tell when they’ve had it.


We also offer dental treatment under sedation. If this would be of interest please speak to your dentist about this option.

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