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Root Canals

The root canal is the area of soft tissue at the centre of the tooth, made up of nerves and blood vessels.

This root canal area can become infected with bacteria following tooth decay, problems with a filling or tooth damage from an accident.

If this area has become infected, you may experience pain when eating (especially hot and cold foods) or your tooth may become loose. As the infection worsens, the pain may vanish as the nerves are damaged, but the tooth may become darker. You might suffer swelling and notice pus coming from the tooth.

Unfortunately, a root canal infection will not go away by itself, and antibiotics are not effective. Your dentist at EasySmile will need to carry out root canal, or endodontics treatment, to the affected area.

Treatment involves removing the infected root canal tissue under local anaesthetic. Your dentist will access your tooth through the top and clean out the canal area; large molar teeth often have two or three canal areas. This treatment may need to be done over several visits.

Medication will be inserted into the area to kill any remaining bacteria and then it will be temporarily filled. Once all infection has been removed, your tooth will be filled and sealed permanently. In some cases, a crown will then need to be fitted to keep the tooth intact.

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