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Wisdom Teeth & Oral Surgery

Here at EasySmile, we are fully equipped, experienced and qualified to carry out many types of oral surgery, including the removal of problematic wisdom teeth.

Wisdom teeth and third molars can sometimes need to be removed if there is insufficient room for them to grow properly in a patient’s mouth. If there is not enough room for them to grow, the teeth can stay under the gum or grow through at an angle (impacted) causing discomfort and possibly gum disease or decay.

Your dentist will only advise removing your tooth if it is absolutely necessary. X-rays may be needed to establish the exact position of the tooth.

Tooth removal and other types of oral surgery are usually carried out under local anaesthetic, which is an injection to numb the area around the tooth.

In some cases, the gum area around the wisdom tooth needs to be cut slightly in order to remove the tooth. You are likely to experienced some swelling and discomfort following a tooth extraction and your dentist will advise you on a recovery plan.

Other types of oral surgery carried out at EasySmile include:

  • Apicoectomy – the removal of the tip of a root
  • Surgical cyst removal

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